Welcome to the Delinquent Tax Information page. The goal of this page is to provide information regarding outstanding property taxes and methods of payment.

You may pay delinquent property taxes in person or through an online service. Additional information regarding payment methods is below. 

Please note: The York County Tax Claim Office does not collect current-year taxes. Such payments should be provided to your local property tax collector.

Tax Certifications

We have a delinquent tax claim listing on our website for public access. Please be advised this data is for informational purposes only and we do not certify these figures. Tax certifications are provided for a fee of $15.00 with a written request sent to the York County Tax Claim Bureau, 28 East Market Street, York, PA 17401. Checks should be made payable to the York County Tax Claim Bureau. Tax Certifications will not be provided before payment is received.

Methods of Payment

Certified funds only, a money order, cashier's or certified checks are all acceptable methods of payment and should be made payable to York County Tax Claim Bureau. You may also pay online. A link is provided for you and 2.5% processing fee will be assessed per dollar amount of payment, by PayGOV.US. We do accept partial payments on any account prior to sale proceedings.

PLEASE NOTE.  If you are submitting a payment to the York County Tax Claim Bureau by regular mail, you will not receive a paid receipt if you do not include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the payment.

Mortgage Company Information

Payments will be processed upon receipt We do accept Mortgage Company checks or Attorneys checks. We do NOT charge a duplicate bill fee. All certifications are provided for a fee of $15.00 with a written request. Interest is added once a month at the rate of 3/4 of 1% or 9% per anum calculated on the base & penalty of all delinquent taxes liened.


Timeline and Approximate Fee Schedule

January $15.00 Lien Fee
February 3/4 of 1% added to Tax & Every Month Thereafter
March Mail Notice of Claim & Letter of Intent
April After 31 Days Deadline Add Admin Fee of 5.5% + $58.00 Prothonotary Lien Fee     
July Sale Fees to be Added for Upset Sale
December        Judicial Sales Fees Added for Title Searches

Delinquent Tax Claim Listing

Download Delinquent Tax Information. Updated each business day by 9:00 AM.

Online Payment for Delinquent Taxes

IMPORTANT: Using this website will take at least FIVE (5) days to credit your account. Please plan accordingly to avoid additional fees.

Basic Information Regarding Tax Sales

Information regarding tax sales. Including a description on the selling stages and bidding process.